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Fundamental Graphite Techniques Book: Learn graphite pencil techniques. Katie Lee botanical and wildlife artist and instructor. Starbooks.
Paper White Bulbs: Fundamental Graphite Techniques book. Katie Lee Botanical Artist and instructor Starbooks
American Goldfinch on Bull Thistle: Fundamental Graphite Techniques. Katie Lee Wildlife artist and instructor Starbooks

Katie Lee, ASBA

Fundamental Graphite Techniques

$ 35.00


Learn graphite pencil techniques from renowned botanical and wildlife artist and instructor, Katie Lee. Build your confidence and control. Featuring 33 multi-page lessons with drawing worksheets.

  • Worksheet 1 – Draw lines
  • Worksheet 2 – Draw outlines & contour lines
  • Worksheet 3 – Create expressive lines
  • Worksheet 4 – Create continuous tone
  • Worksheet 5 – Create value scales in continuous tone
  • Worksheet 6 – Create hatched tone
  • Worksheet 7 – Create value scales in hatched tone
  • Worksheet 8 – Create continuous tone on a cylinder
  • Worksheet 9 – Create continuous tone on multiple cylinders
  • Worksheet 10 – Create continuous tone on cylinders both above and below eye level
  • Worksheet 11 – Create continuous tone on a sphere
  • Worksheet 12 – Create continuous tone on multiple spheres
  • Worksheet 13 – Create continuous tone on a cone
  • Worksheet 14 – Create continuous tone on multiple cones
  • Worksheet 15 – Create three-dimensional cubes
  • Worksheet 16 – Render convex and concave surfaces on a single subject
  • Worksheet 17 – Create continuous tone on a subject composed of connected surface areas
  • Worksheet 18 – Use line to create surface contours
  • Worksheet 19 – Create convex and concave contour lines
  • Worksheet 20 – Draw a sphere using contour lines
  • Worksheet 21 – Draw folds
  • Worksheet 22 – Draw the twisting/folding features of plants
  • Worksheet 23 – Draw the twisting and graceful features of grass
  • Worksheet 24 – Draw a pumpkin
  • Worksheet 25 – Draw a raspberry
  • Worksheet 26 – Draw grapes
  • Worksheet 27 – Draw a pinto bean and its pigment pattern
  • Worksheet 28 – Sketch using different sketching techniques
  • Worksheet 29 – Measure a specimen with your eye
  • Worksheet 30 – Create a line drawing of a folded leaf
  • Worksheet 31 – Draw a stem with leaves
  • Worksheet 32 – Draw a head of garlic and its roots
  • Worksheet 33 – Draw a flower


Katie Lee is a renowned botanical and wildlife artist and instructor. Herself, a graduate of the New York Botanical Garden Botanical Illustration program, Katie has been an instructor at that institution for the past 20 years. Currently, Katie is teaching at the Coastal Maine Botanic Garden. 
Ms. Lee teaches drawing, watercolor, acrylic and composition courses at various art institutions worldwide. She has lead numerous sketching safaris to Botswana and field sketching trips to Costa Rica and South America. Katie’s work can be found in private collections in England, Australia, the United States of America and South Africa. 

A number of Katie’s works are in Dr. Shirley Sherwood’s Contemporary Botanical Artists Collection; and the Alisa and Isaac Sutton Collection. Her work has been accepted into the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s ‘Birds in Art’, 2002 and 2003. Exhibited at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA; Bell Museum of National History, University of Minnesota, MN; Weisman Museum, Minneapolis, MN; Tryon Swann Gallery, London, England; Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT; Coastal Maine Botanic Garden, Boothbay, ME.

Awards include Don Harrington Discovery Center; Merit Award for Excellence, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden Biennial; Gold Medal for Excellence, Best in Show 2004

Ms. Lee has illustrated a number of books for children, including Puffin’s Homecoming, Black Bear Cub, Orca Song, Monarch of Aster and Underwater with Ogden Nash. Ms. Lee wrote and illustrated A Visit to Galapagos.


ISBN: 9780615366579
176 pages
11.25 x 8.75 in.
Hardcover with Spiral Binding

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