Rise of the Dough Boys

Chris Branam

$ 16.99

Join in the fun and adventures of the pizza dough boys as they try to outsmart the wacky baker who wants to have them for dinner!

This action-packed story will keep the whole family laughing, making a great bedtime story or fun read anytime. One thing you can count on is plenty of excitement as the dough boys run, fly, boat, and ski their way through this fun-filled adventure!

A wacky baker gets the surprise of his life when the two pizzas he creates come to life! The pizzas kick open the oven door, escape, and lead the baker on an action-packed chase by boat, scooter, jet-ski and airplane. With the help of some hungry squirrels, traveling mice, a lobster and a grumpy gopher, the two pizzas do their best to outsmart the baker.

Enjoy this fast-paced, fun-filled, creatively illustrated story with your family. Together, you will laugh out loud!

You’ll get a kick out of the antics of this colorful cast of characters brought to life by noted American painter Sandy Branam.

ISBN: 9781938417139
8.5 x 11 in.
32 pages
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

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