Wiz Biz Kids

Christine Williams

$ 29.99

Come on board with Smart Samantha and Wally, O.S.D. (One Smart Dog) and create your very own super cool idea! You’ll have loads of fun along the way and learn how to use the 6 P’s to reach success! P-Product, P-Plan, P-Partners, P-Production, P-Promote and P-Purchase.

Through stories, exercises and creative thinking problems, young people will learn business principles, commerce and money. With a colorful, age appropriate cast of characters that will engage your child to think and create, it is a great introduction to learning how business works.

WizBizKids is a program for young people, ages 6-17, that helps them develop and pursue business skills needed for success in today’s world through interaction, exercises and product and service development. It’s fun and exciting!

What parents say about WizBizKids Programs:

“My daughter came back from the class asking questions that showed how her thinking had developed in just a one day! She was excited to follow along in the workbook and think like a young business person.”

– E. M., mother

WizBizKids was created by entrepreneur Christine Williams. Co-founder of a successful business education firm, Ms. Williams knows that it takes passion to create a business from the ground up. Now she takes that understanding to kids and teens in her books and workshops.

ISBN: 978-1-938417-09-2
8.5 x 11 in.
Set of 3 Different Softbound Books

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